Skoolie – Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion

One of the primary modifications we wished to make to Two Birds was converting the diesel powered bus to run off of recycled, or waste vegetable oil.  This was one of the main reasons we chose to buy a diesel bus.  This post will be a work in progress, documenting the process of converting our bus to run off of WVO.

Back in August (2014), we worked with Atomic Independent Pictures to make a video documenting our Waste Vegetable Oil conversion on our bus.  This medium-length documentary describes the individual components of the system, operation, and how the system is routed.

After a lot of research, we decided to go with mostly WVO Designs parts and their centrifuge for an on-board filtering setup. After some chatting with Leon, the owner, they decided to sponsor our project, which is really exciting for us. This is a first conversion for me and I spent many, many late nights researching the system and figuring how to adapt SunWizard’s setup for our bus. He is the owner of the forum


Here is the diagram from SunWizard for his 5.9 Cummins that we based our system off of.  Click on the image to enlarge.  For more information on his conversion, visit here.  We have made a lot of modifications to his system, since it was designed for a Dodge Ram truck.


Here is a non-comprehensive parts list for our conversion noting the major components

116 Gallon Aluminum Military Fuel Tank.
Fuel Pickup: … tickb.html
WVO Designs RAW Power Hotstick
13″ – Will be expanded via the threaded port to ~26″ to pick up fuel from the bottom of the tank.
Veggie Filter: … ilter.html
WVO Designs Coolant Heated Filter Head
Donaldson P551000 Filter/Waterblock with Drain Bowl
WVO Designs Heated Filter Wrap
Flat Plate Heat Exchanger
30 Plate from WVO DesignsValves … w_id.67211 manual 3 way valves, per SunWizard’s conversion – X3We also got the following to help us collect and filter oil:Centifuge
WVO Designs Raw Power Basic Centrifuge … ifuge.htmlBolt-On Heater Assembly … r-rpc.html“Power Booster” – This helps to eliminate splashing as the WVO enters the centrifuge. … oster.htmlTransfer Pump – We are mating the WVO Designs pump head to a 5.0 HP Honda Gas Engine we recieved for free from a pressure washer that had a broken pump.Goldstream Monster Pump Head … -only.html

Pump Adapter Mount – for Gas Engine … motor.html

3/4″ Shaft Coupling – For Honda Engine … pling.html

14mm Gas Coupling- For Pump Head … pling.html

Rubber Connector Element … pling.html

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