“Two Birds” – From the Beginning

When we began building our bus, our blog was not ready. We completely redesigned the website from it’s humble beginnings while we were traveling Australia and SE Asia. You can still see some of our early posts in our travel journal! We started writing online about our progress at Skoolie.net, a large online community of people doing similar things to us. There are some amazing bus projects on there! We also began blogging on our Facebook page and sharing our progress there.

Here is the link to our Skoolie.net page:

Photo from Day 1 with our bus.

On Day 2, Nancy’s Dad and I got right to work, stripping all of the seats out of the bus and a family member hauled them off to the scrapyard in his truck, against our recommendations to take two trips.


Throughout the late spring, and summer months, we completed many projects on the bus.  Some triumphs and defeats include:

  •  Stripping the floors of surface rust, sealing with rust converter, and painting a black rustoleum coating.
  • Removing what seemed like millions of rivets throughout the bus, to strip the ceilings, wall panels, and the old insulation.  Check out our Time-Lapse Video on Youtube!
  • Beginning our Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion
  • Getting a metal shaving into our injection pump during the veggie oil conversion, including a tow across the state of Michigan, a month and a half of time lost getting covered in diesel and veggie oil day by day trying to figure out why our bus wouldn’t start, finding that it was the one thing I was dreading (injection pump), taking the bus to the shop for two weeks, and paying $2,600 to have our injection pump rebuilt.  OUCH!
  • Finishing our Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion. Driving on Waste Vegetable Oil for the first time!
  • Completing our insulated sub-floor.
  • Removing and Skinning over 14 windows on the side of the bus, the front and rear bus flashers, and the replacing the rear four windows.  All done with Wabash Duraplate material sourced by some helpful friends in Indiana!  Check out our Time-Lapse Video on Youtube!
  • The complete exterior treatment, including prep-work and spraying “Two Birds” with a beautiful DIY paintjob and graphics done by our friends at Party On Printing
  • Having our bus featured in ArtPrize 2014 in our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan!
  • Strapping the walls (or putting up furring strips) of the interior to create a “thermal break” in preparation for our spray foam insulation.
  • Complete Spray Foam insulation on the interior.

Those were some of the highlights of our time so far with “Two Birds”.  It may not look like much, but it has taken a lot of blood, sweat, and even a few tears to get this far!  We also managed a successful Kickstarter campaign in that time, did loads of research, learning pretty much everything as we went, bought a lot of parts and materials, sold a lot of materials that we decided weren’t right, and made more decisions than we could count.  We managed to do all of this while still maintaining a touring schedule (Jeremy) and a full-time Dental job (Nancy), downsizing and moving from our apartment, building this website, and all the life that fits in between.  It’s been a super-size job for a super-size bus project!

We managed to get the exterior of the bus done just in time for winter and having the bus insulated allows us to run our propane heater inside so we can complete the interior during the winter months.  Currently, we are gathering parts and materials, as well as doing the research for our electrical systems, plumbing systems, and propane systems.  We have also sourced parts such as our Amana 20″ Propane Range for cooking, our Precision Temp RV 550 NSP on-demand water heater, our ProCom Blue Flame Propane Heater, and more.  Stay tuned as we continue to update our blog on our progress!


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  1. The More We Explore
    The More We Explore says:

    Awesome, I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site. We’re about 6-8 months behind you. I sure hope we can snag a beautiful bus like you did.

    I really appreciate every picture you take. I’d love to learn more about the spray foam insulation. Got any pics of that process? How is the r-value compared to the block foam so many others are using?

    • Jeremy Arndt
      Jeremy Arndt says:

      We are very close to 100% completion! We will be posting more as we work on it this winter. We were unable to work on it while we were touring this summer for our yoga and music events. Check back soon!

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    Was really cool seeing your bus on the road a couple weeks ago going through Orlando! Hope to be on the road in the next few years!


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