How do we afford to travel?

We’re often asked how we afford to travel for long stretches of time. We are asked by family, friends, strangers, etc. The number one answer is we live simply! We buy used clothes (and other necessities) at thrift stores. @e don’t buy things we don’t need. No cigarettes, no other intoxicants and very rarely a nice microbrew (like one every couple months!). We live a cash lifestyle and do not have credit cards or any debt other than my student loans. We cook our own food when we’re at home and we scope out the cheapest local eats when we’re traveling overseas. After 7 years of travel and record keeping, we very consistently stay within a $5-$7/day per person food budget. We’ve managed to keep this budget and still live healthy in the US, Australia (which has very high food costs), SE Asia, Africa, and now… it seems to be following suit in Indonesia. We live in a schoolbus at home and cheap guesthouses/homestays abroad. Our important things we look for in a place is clean, secure, and quiet. We don’t need flashy… and it helps us to afford to explore the world. I used to think that one needed to be wealthy to travel. But a simple book changed this all for me about 12 years ago… Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. If you ever wanted to travel to the far stretches of the world, I highly recommend this book. Not everyone has the circumstances to travel. I won’t come out and say that everyone can travel because the fact is… it’s not true. However, most people who live in wealthier places like the US, Europe, Australia, etc. can travel… even if you have comparatively little monetary wealth in your own country. We’ve met people of all walks of life traveling… older, younger, families with one or many children, etc. Some simple rearranging of priorities and some time to save money can allow you the trip of your dreams… but stay away from those resorts! The cost of a week at a lush resort can afford us a month or two of budget travel. We hope our travels inspire you to get to know your neighbors in this world. As the world grows smaller and we begin to know those who are foreign to us, our hearts become bigger and we care more about the well-being of all others!


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