Goodbye Australia

As I sit and reflect on the past year I have spent in Australia I am filled with gratitude and happiness.  This past year has allowed my heart and soul to grow and blossom and to be free.  The freedom to be independent and aware of the beautiful world around me.  We have met so many wonderful and interesting people who have made us smile, laugh and given us inspiration. The friendships we have made on this journey will always be cherished.  Australia will forever have a very special place in our hearts.

Traveling and living abroad constantly keeps you on your toes!  There are challenges nearly everyday….you are almost always outside of your comfort zone.  This is going to be very true for the next part of our travels.  As we enter into South East Asia we will be transported into a different that neither of us has ever known.  There will be new cuisine, languages, currencies, cultures, religions, etc.  I am so excited to embrace this new experience.  We will carry all that we need in our backpacks.  We will eat where the locals eat.  We will use public transport with the locals.  Our travel agenda is something like this…..Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  At any time our plans can change and they usually will.  Such is life!

Thank you to all our friends and family who have been supportive and loving over this past year.  We have missed you dearly!  We cherish the phone calls, skype sessions and emails.

Goodbye Australia (with tears in my eyes), thank you for the wonderful memories!

Hello Asia…


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  1. Dave & Bev
    Dave & Bev says:

    You are now the Nancy who emerged from the chrysalis that was Grand Rapids. And you are indeed a most beautiful butterfly. Keep on fluttering.

  2. Romani
    Romani says:

    Farewell amigos and safe travels in the exotic realms of Asia!!!! Hopefully your experience there will be as exciting as it was for me when I spent a year there. Personally, I adore Asia – the people, the food, the energy, the customs, religions etc!!!! Alot to be learned from these ancient cultures. I haven’t been to Burma or Vietnam – both on my list of places to visit. I’m sure we will remain in contact and hopefully our paths will cross again one day! I’m sure they will. You must have acquired so many amazing memories and friendships.. and must be a little sad to leave Australia. So blessed to have met you both and I hope that this journey in Australia has enhanced your lives and taken you to a higher spiritual realm within your own reality; and that the experiences will further guide you into your futures.
    Lots of Love
    & Blessings

    Your friend


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