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“Two Birds” – From the Beginning

When we began building our bus, our blog was not ready. We completely redesigned the website from it’s humble beginnings while we were traveling Australia and SE Asia. You can still see some of our early posts in our travel journal! We started writing online about our progress at Skoolie.net, a large online community of […]

Skoolie – Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion

One of the primary modifications we wished to make to Two Birds was converting the diesel powered bus to run off of recycled, or waste vegetable oil.  This was one of the main reasons we chose to buy a diesel bus.  This post will be a work in progress, documenting the process of converting our […]

Finding “Two Birds”

We are often asked where we bought our bus.  It was a long road to finding the “perfect” bus for us!  We set out with a list of criteria that we hoped for and it took us nearly a year to find it.  In the end, the bus is almost exactly what we laid out […]

Peaceful Journeys…

Well… we had an amazing week in Wisconsin at Peacefield Yoga, Core Essence Yoga, and Midwest Power Yoga/Wild Abundant Life. It went by too quick… Today, we leave for Wookiefoot’s Project Earth Festival in Geneva, Minnesota. We feel honored to be a part of this gathering!!! After that, off to Tennessee. Our performance in Chattanooga […]

Southern Thailand

Without an agenda we arrived in Phuket, an island in the south of Thailand. We knew we wanted to visit some of the beautiful islands that Thailand had to offer, but the difficult choice was choosing one. There are so many to choose from, however, on a budget we needed to keep it simple and […]

First stop – Malaysia!

We are changing things up a bit for 2013 here at LiveLoveTravelDream. This blog is a story of our life’s adventures and we want to keep everyone updated with stories of our travels. For 2012, Nancy and I kept separate blogs. This was tough for both of us. My blog suffered because I am busy […]

Sweet Memories…

Today has been an emotional day! Goodbye hugs (with tears) to wonderful beautiful people who have made this journey so very special! I love you! Thank you for your friendship and the good times. We leave for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a few short hours….our backpacks are full and we are prepared. Australia will forever […]

Goodbye Australia

As I sit and reflect on the past year I have spent in Australia I am filled with gratitude and happiness.  This past year has allowed my heart and soul to grow and blossom and to be free.  The freedom to be independent and aware of the beautiful world around me.  We have met so […]

Ready! Set! Travel!

The last two months in Melbourne have been fun!  The weather wasn’t the greatest when  we initially arrived, but since then we have learned that Melbourne is the city that can have four seasons in one day.  So on any given day it can be raining, hailing, sunny or bitter cold and windy.  Melbourne is […]

The roads I have traveled….

Ok, I admit, I have been very negligent with my blog postings.  The availability of internet (or lack of) has been poor and I have had trouble finding a simple charging port to give my laptop juice.  They are stingy with electricity and internet here, I know this isn’t the fist time I have complained […]