Sunshine State for the Winter

Ever since I was a young girl I told my parents I was moving to Florida to escape Michigan’s winter.  That time has finally arrived.  Jeremy and I have moved to Clearwater, Florida for the winter.  The warmer temperatures will allow us to finish the build of “Two Birds”, our Bus Conversion.  Our time here is going to be spent on a bountiful 2 acre urban farm.  The farm grows enough food to be self sufficient during much of the year if necessary.  Here we are blessed with loads of greens and fresh vegetables, orange trees, banana trees, papaya trees, pineapple bushes, blueberries, pomelo trees, tangerine trees, Barbados cherry trees and more.  The farm raises chickens and tilapia also.  The tilapia are raised in a closed aquaponic system that pumps the nitrates from the fish waste to be used as fertilizer to grow the fresh greens.  It is then pumped back into the holding tank after being filter by the greens.  Essentially it is a self contained system that benefits the fish, the greens and us humans!

Jeremy is going to spend many nights performing at Pier 60 right on Clearwater Beach, for the Pier 60 Sunset Celebration.  This is a sight to behold.  There are fire spinners, sword swallowers, acrobats and musicians.  This celebrations occurs every night at sunset.

My vision for the upcoming months is simple.  Listen to my heart.  Pay attention to my inner voice.  Create space for continual growth in all directions of my life.  Being grounded is so essential for my happiness and well-being and I plan on honoring that while I am here.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”
― Rumi