Bedroom Construction, Part 1

We have been diligently working on building and finishing up the bedroom, as we are going to move into the bus soon and finish it while we are living in there. Bedroom construction has consisted of building a platform bed that lifts up for storage, as well as framing a “his and hers” closets.  One closet ended up just a hair bigger due to the way we built over the wheelwells… guess who claimed that one!  One of our favorite features, was adding gas shocks to the bed platform to support our queen mattress.  This will make it easy to get to the storage.  We did a bit of research to build the bed, and there are kits out there to build a bed that lifts up by the gas struts, but we decided to piece it together and build it ourselves.  We used these Suspa brand gas struts from and two types of mounting brackets (Bracket 1, Bracket 2).  It is built to support 100 lbs per each strut, with 200 lbs total.  The struts seem very sturdy and we will post a part 2 blog post once the bedroom is finished and we get the mattress in!  It took a little bit of trial and error to fit them properly, but not too much.  It was definitely a two person job!  There’s some good installation instructions at that I modified to fit our bed design.  The design is pretty much universal and will fit most projects like ours with some proper design!

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Check out how it functions!