Change of the Seasons – Interior Construction

With the coming of Spring has come fresh new, revitalizing energy to keep working hard at the construction of “Two Birds”.  While we had big plans of working on the bus during the winter, not much physically got done.  We utilized this time instead to build our website, source parts like our water heater, stove, electrical supplies, do research, and book our tour!  We still had loads of work keeping us busy during the winter, and it got overwhelming at times.  We did manage a little bit of work in there, but not too much… even with our heater.  It feels GREAT to be outside again and be in the bus.  Earlier this month, we began tackling the bigger parts of the interior construction.  We’ve covered a lot of ground and the bus has undergone a bit of a transformation.  We have done ceiling work (with Duraplate panels), put up the bedroom wall paneling, run some rough electrical circuits, as well as put in wire and conduit for our LED lighting.  Enjoy the pictures!