Coolangatta and Tweed Heads

So much has happened since my last post.  We have so much difficulty finding internet.  But we are at a library in Coolangatta and they have free WIFI!  Yay – a new state and new rules!  Many libraries you need to pay $4.40/per person/per hour and you cannot plug your electronics in.

Where do I start???? Last time I wrote we were in Byron Bay.  We stayed in Byron for 3 weeks.  We bought and assembled a roof racks for our surf/body boards.  Played music at Thai Lucy (the best Thai food in Byron).  Enjoyed the swells.  Met new friends, Melodie and Steve and saw some old friends.  The farmers markets were a great way to get local food and meet people.  On our way north we went to a little city called Nimbin.  Nimbin isn’t your regular kind of city.  It is anything but normal.  It is very active with environmental initiatives such as permaculture, sustainability, and self-sufficiency and marijuana.  This was a fun, interesting and neat little place to visit as we went north.  There were museums, cafes, smoke shops etc.

(Taken from Wikipedia)  In New South Wales the cultivation, selling and possession of cannabis is illegal. In Nimbin all three activities are part of every day hippie culture. Nimbin has a high tolerance for cannabis (marijuana), with the open buying, selling and consumption of locally grown cannabis on the streets and laneways. To rally for an end to the prohibition of cannabis in Australia, Nimbin has held an annual MardiGrass festival since 1993.

After Nimbin we went to Tweed Heads/Coolangatta.  I had a dental cleaning on Wednesday.  As we pulled into town we started noticing vintage American cars.  We later found out that the approaching weekend was the Cooly Rocks On Car show/festival.  We decided to stay to get a little taste of back home.  There were close to 1,200 cars.

Also, at this same time we met a couple, Mal & Anthea.  After talking and getting to know each other they very graciously opened their home to us.  We have been so blessed on this trip to meet such wonderful and amazing people.  I am in awe of their generosity and love.  This invitation came at a crucial time.  The weather has been cold (40-60) and getting colder and had been raining for almost 1 week straight.  This doesn’t work to well when you are living out of your van and need to cook outside.  This homestay has allowed us to recharge, meet two very amazing and generous people, stretch out, take warm showers, cook inside (we all cook together) and watch movies.  Mal lives close to the beach, so the other day we went down to Kirra to watch the gigantic swells and surfers.  There were 3 television helicopters taping the action.  I have never seen waves so big and powerful.

We will be here through the weekend.  Our brakes need to be fixed – calipers, pads, rotors….so we will be working on that this weekend.  Jeremy will be performing at a birthday party in Byron on Monday.  On Tuesday I think we are going to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  This is were we can cuddle Koalas, feed parrots, hang out with kangaroos and wallabies. Then we will continue north.

Much love to all my friends and family xoxox

Cooly Rocks On in Tweed Heads

Just a quick update.  We are in Tweed Heads, NSW and also the bordering town of Coolangatta, Queensland.  So we are in between two states at the moment.  This weekend the city is putting on an amazing classic car, custom and hot rods show, parades and 50’s/60’s musical events (rockabilly and swing).  There are so many American cars (over 1,200) that it makes me feel back home again.  The cars are SO cool.  I will be taking many pictures this weekend.  Streets will be closed, eight stages for music.  This is going to be a fun weekend.  My Dad and Uncle Jim would love this car show.  (My Grandpa would have loved it too). Hoping to post pictures after this weekend.  Love and Hugs to all my friends and family!


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