One month in Sydney…

As of today, I have been in Sydney for one month.  It doesn’t seem like that much time has passed by.  I have enjoyed Sydney and its beauty.  The people here are friendly and warm.  For instance, if you look lost, there will usually be someone who will stop and ask if you need help or directions.  The weather has been good.  We have had an enormous amount of rain but I will take that over snow.  Our average day here is sunny and 75 (23 Celsius) (Although I hear that Grand Rapids is having 78 degree days (25 Celsius).  The weather here is transitioning into Autumn but you wouldn’t know it.   Sydney definitely doesn’t get cold like Michigan, but maybe more like Alabama or Georgia in the winter.

My typical day usually consists of Yoga, a walk, photography, reading, cooking and searching online or going downtown to look for a Campervan.  Autumn is a great time to buy a Campervan because summer has ended and all the travelers are going back home.  We have looked at a few, most have had oil leaks or need new tyres (sorry, I am starting to use Aussie terms).  There are all kinds of rules and regulations that are very different from the USA.  So we need to be careful when looking or when we are about to purchase.  I am hopeful that we will find one soon.  The transportation into city is very tiring for me.  I walk to the train (20 mins) and then take the train or bus into the city (another 30/40 mins).  It is time consuming and just wears me out. That’s almost an hour each way!!  I want to be free to drive and see what I want, when I want. I love Sydney, but I might be a small town girl….at heart!!!

After one month into this journey…. I have to say, that I am so grateful that I took this step into the unknown.  Everyday has so much opportunity for growth and change.  I try to make each day special and better than the last.  To recognize something different, and to try not to think about the past, or worry about the future.  Everything happens the way it was meant to happen……

Red Backs and Rain – Life’s a Beach

The last few weeks have proved to be quite rainy here in Sydney.  This is the most rain they have had in 30 years, very dismal and dreary. 111 mm of rain in February (4.3 inches) So I have spent some time watching movies, cooking delicious food, organizing, reading and researching places to go and things to see once the sun decides to shine.

There have been three days in the last ten that we were graced with the presence of the sun.  Yay!!! So on those days we took full advantage of every minute. We did Yoga in the park and there were Cockatoos and parrots flying overhead (I am still not used to this yet). We also practiced yoga at House of Yoga (Studio) and played music. Yes, I accompanied Jeremy on a few songs.  It was fun and everyone enjoyed it.  House of Yoga also has Sydney’s first Anti-Gravity Yoga classes.  This practice was founded in New York City.  During practice you are able swing and hang from a Anti-Gravity Hammock which allows you to feel supported and also decompresses your spine (while performing inversions).  I was able to practice on Saturday – It was a lot of fun and made me laugh more than anything.


There are so many beautiful flowers on nearly every tree or bush.  I have been taking my camera with me on my morning walks and learning how to take pictures with the natural light.  My camera is quite complex so I am still learning.  I think this will be a life long learning process.  Jeremy has been taking photographs for many years, so he has been very helpful.

The flowers are so colorful and brilliant.  There have been so many flowers that have fallen off the trees and I quickly pick them up and put them in my hair.  After I give them a quick look over to make sure there are no spiders or bugs of any kind.




Speaking of spiders…there happens to be a very poisonous spider here in Australia, that we found on a bag that Jeremy brought home.  It is called the Red Back Spider.  It is a very small spider, but when/if it bites you, there is an anti-venom that is needed.  Scary stuff.  Crazy facts for you: Australia has 10 of the most deadly animals on the planet….#1 Box Jellyfish #2 The Taipan Snake #3 Saltwater Crocodile #4 Blue Ring Octopus #5 Stone Fish #6 Red Back Spider #7 Brown Snake #8 Tiger Snake #9 Great White Shark #10 Funnel Web Spider.  No worries though, as we take precautions before we walk on the grass or go in the water.  You just have to be “careful”.



Last Friday night, Romani had a dinner party and invited some friends over for dinner.  Items on the menu: Zuppa Toscana (Italian Soup), Spinach pies, Garlic Bread, Couscous salad, Bean Salad, Dinner salad, Chicken.  Dessert:  Macaroons, cupcakes and cheesecake. Lots of fun and laughs.



The latest beach adventure was to Coogee Beach.  A very clean and laid back beach.  The waves were about 12 feet tall and the undertow was extremely rough.  I have never seen waves this size.  There were people all over in the water, surfing, body boarding, riding the waves.  Jeremy borrowed a body board from an Irish guy.  He was able to ride one wave after about two attempts.  I will try body boarding eventually but not on waves like that.

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